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Subject: Science: Gaia Theory.
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411kay 1.02.08 - 08:49am
In 1972 a young scientist named James Lovelock was developing a hypothesis of how the planet worked called Gaia theory.Lovelock developed his theory, named for the Greek goddess of the earth, while studying the possibilities of life on Mars for NASA, and it was scorned and ignored for years. Slowly, though, Lovelock's basic observation- that life has not only adapted to Earth's conditions but shapes those conditions as well- became an almost universally accepted norm of earth science. 30yrs later, Lovelock's ideas are the basis of our current understanding of global warming and the need to cut carbon emissions.Gaia Capitalism: Pragmatic ways to create a business model for the 21st century that takes into account the whole cycle of energy consumption and carbon output, in order to rapidly cut the energy/carbon input and output to rapidly change the balance. *

lasttry 18.05.08 - 01:54pm
Well, the matter and subject is too heavy for me to say anything frm my side, but its full of new knowledge and thanks to put it here for e1's knowledge. Ty. *

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