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Subject: Poem: Love's Power.
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411kay 11.02.08 - 01:37pm
What inspires one as beautiful as you, To walk amongst the lowly and the weak, To take up the little children in your arms, To show the old the way to their dreams fulfilment. To shine a light on the path of the young, Could love's power be so compelling? What inspires one as holy as u, To give your beauty for my ashes, To give your oil of gladness in exchange for my garment of mourning, To turn my mourning night to a rejoicing morning, To see purity where everyone else saw filth, To make a temple for God's presence out of my dust and soul, Could love's power be so transforming? *

lasttry 18.05.08 - 01:40pm
Yes, nice poem. Compareing love with sunlight and hateredness with darkness, as love/sunlight decreses than hateredness/darkness increases, so love and sun is must for living and life. *

ann25 31.05.08 - 12:47pm
Ma poem...if found my love possessess no grain among the sands of time and poets poems were judged alone by their melodious rhyme,,then love my soul my hearts unfailing love.,youll never know the depth and breath this love of mine be kept in heavens throne... *

nuttynye 24.11.08 - 07:03am
very nice indeed...but is all that lovey duvey stuff you write from the heart? *

skeyz 7.02.14 - 02:07pm
real gud sound so great i got ur back *

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