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Subject: Education or Ignorance.
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411kay 26.02.08 - 07:07am
What would you prefer? *

elli 6.03.08 - 03:23pm
It is said that ignorance is a bliss, but i prefer education.. In general any form of advanced education broadens ur mind, ur ability to understand better several current matters, therefore to solve them too. But the most important is that u cultivate ur spirit and soul.. *

feb14th 11.04.08 - 06:49pm
If u fink Education is xpensive n 2 tidious, den, try d less worisum Ignorance! *

lasttry 18.05.08 - 01:05pm
E1 naturaly born with lots of ignorance, and has to be educated to survive in worldly life and living, animals also gets educated to get their pray kill and eat, so be educated by mind and be ignorant by heart, ignorant by heart means inocent. Ignorant by mind means idiot fool dull dumb etc., education is must for civilization. *

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