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Subject: Professionalism or Apprentism
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411kay 26.02.08 - 07:09am
What would you bet your life on? *

lasttry 18.05.08 - 01:23pm
Both, first for present tense, and second for future tense. *

zicoseyi 26.08.08 - 05:02am
It is good to be a practitional. U may be a proffession by theory and not by practical. When u're a proffessional by practical u're an expertise. A proffessional by theory however is a blockhead. So apprentiship enhance one 2be more skillful. Are u satisfy? *

snowpony 7.11.08 - 01:11pm
I think that u need 2 have apprenticeship in order to gain proffesionalism *

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