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Subject: Sci-fi or Romance
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411kay 26.02.08 - 07:11am
Which do you prefer? *

elli 6.03.08 - 03:18pm
Romance.. *

feb14th 11.04.08 - 06:53pm
Hmmm...... Wat u xpect? Romance of course *

lasttry 18.05.08 - 12:52pm
Romance takes a compitative partner, so depends with whom the romance is, and what is relation or common between sci-fi and romance? , cant understand that so cant compare and reply. *

zicoseyi 26.08.08 - 04:46am
Even without telling u. Not even youth of ours,that's so full of emotion for love. We even creat d so call romance,so what else? *

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