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Subject: Prv8 or Pub?
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411kay 10.04.08 - 06:42am
Shuld dis grp continue bein Prv8 or b trown open as Public? *

feb14th 11.04.08 - 06:42pm
Avin a public grp enables enuf membas in2 d grp witout barrier. Nt 4getin also bout pple hu r grp-h8rs, dey c*m in2 d grp unnoticed, tho. Ol in ol, lets get public, Kay *

lasttry 18.05.08 - 01:14pm
I agree with feb14th, there is nothing in it to be kept private. So go public to get e1's point of view and all points of views. This is nice. *

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