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Subject: who is important
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qahhanah 9.08.08 - 07:21pm
who is important in da society a doctor or teacher? *

411kay 9.10.08 - 08:06pm
D questn qualifies both of em as being important, d doctor, a professnal, elps wid d stability of ppl, healthwise, even dat of d teacher, while d teacher, a professnal 2, elps in d stability of ppl, knowledge based, even d doctors'. Nw i fink d questn is, HU IS MOR IMPORTANT? I'ld go 4 d Teacher *

rayhan34 5.01.10 - 10:19am
definately both r necessary for society.but in wide prospective teacher is much important bcoz it build society culture,though,direction.its like that an engineer who invent or make car engine n doctor is like its mechanic who give him a long life *

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